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Entry #1


2009-11-21 14:30:50 by Tentsji

As many before me have stated - Words cannot describe how I feel right now.

Hadn't a friend of mine said I was the featured artist, I would've completely missed it and it would be a great moment laid to waste. I don't know how the system works but I'm glad regardlessly and in celebration of this event have decided to upload a new piece.

J.H - Midnight

A part of an album containing the day's moments, from dusk till dawn. It's all here. Midnight isn't done yet but I'm most definitely working on it!




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2009-11-22 02:04:09

well dammit!! congradulations dude.regardless if anyone have notified this to you or not im showin some love :D.



2009-11-22 12:43:51

and try to still there ^^